Giving Tuesday Starts Early This Year!

We are excited to participate in GivingTuesday to help kick-start the Canticle Singer’s giving season on Tuesday, November 15th! Our main goal for GivingTuesday is for Canticle Singers to reach new audiences in order to gain a larger and more sustainable support base. Please consider a sustaining monthly gift, and/or a matching challenge so we can meet our $10,000 goal.

Only 30% of our revenue is met through ticket sales and offerings, and we are grateful for them! Our offerings and ticket sales and individual gifts from you, our partners, allow us to maintain musical excellence, recruit the most skilled singers, hire accomplished instrumentalists and bring the highest quality music to our audiences. We understand that everyone is in a unique place financially. We encourage you to begin a FB or Instagram fundraiser on our behalf so that we can continue the excellent programming and grow our audience base. To begin a FB fundraiser, simply follow the link here. Here are instructions for an Instagram fundraiser as well.

Research shows that even a small matching or challenge grant makes a big difference by renewing energy with yearly givers and generating new interest with newcomers or lapsed givers. Our campaign for Canticle Singers will be focused on FaceBook and Instagram giving. Our goal is $10,000 in revenue!  We would like to spur additional engagement and attract new supporters with matching funds or a challenge grant.

 We are ever grateful to our intimate circle of supporters, and it is important to grow our base of individuals who step up to fund our work to inspire others musically. If you know an individual (family member, friend) or if you or your place of business would be interested in partnering with us with a matching gift, we look forward to speaking with you further and sharing our vision.

Thank you!