Elaine Hagenberg – Featured Composer

Song of Miriam

Elaine Hagenberg is an accomplished pianist and singer. After earning her degree in music, she began raising her family of four children and composing while at home. Within the last decade, she has become a household word among choral artists, and she composes for a wide range of skill levels. Canticle Singers will be

performing her Song of Miriam in this Spring 2022 season as we venture out of our COVID isolation and re-explore our world together. This is significant because it is a piece about journeys, and within Elaine’s journey, it was the first piece from Elaine Hagenberg’s publications, from a poem by a woman, Rabbi Ruth Sohn, about the biblical character, Miriam, who is on an unknown journey of faith.

I happened upon Elaine’s FB post when she first published it:

“​​For my first official self-published piece, I took a risk and printed 4,000 copies of Song of Miriam.

Like Miriam, I feel like I’m often taking risks by stepping into the unknown. It takes courage to create and share my music…Then today I heard from the warehouse/shipping manager that this piece already needs to go to REPRINT and I couldn’t be more excited!

This reprint means 4,000+ young women are singing about being brave, overcoming their fears, and finding their unique voice in the world.

Let’s keep encouraging more singers, artists, teachers, conductors, and writers to be like Miriam. Step out in faith, ladies! You have something valuable to say and we WANT to hear you!”


2020, Elaine Hagenberg (website)
Facebook Elaine Hagenberg, Composer – June 27, 2019
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