Give to the Canticle Singers

Canticle Singers is a 501(c)3 organization. Gifts from our donors cover 90% of our operating costs, and we believe so strongly in our mission that 100% of the Canticle Singers and Board Members are regular donors. No gift is too large or too small, and when you give, you become a partner with us. Your gift to the Canticle Singers is essential to our future and has a lasting impact.

General Fund

The Canticle Singers believes wholeheartedly in our mission to make choral music accessible to all, and you make this possible with your monthly gift.  We recruit volunteer singers with the highest musical skills, We recruit volunteer singers with the highest musical skills, and our professionals accept salaries 40% below the national average.  For this reason, we depend upon you to help us maintain our excellent programming.  Thank you for all you do to help us bring the highest level of artistry to our audience members.

Sponsor a Performance

Canticle Singers is dedicated to bringing you superb programming by providing a variety of colors and styles within a concert.  One way to achieve this is by hiring musicians.  Your one-time or seasonal gift towards this endeavor ensures our continued excellence, resulting in highly satisfied audience members!

Recording Fund

We are so excited to create a recording for Wendy Wickham’s 25th year as Artistic Director of the Canticle Singers in 2023 – 2024.  This will be an excellent resource for us, as it will allow us to share our work, and it will give us a snapshot of our progress as a group over time.  A well-engineered recording highlights an ensemble and enhances the best of the group.  The recording will come in the form of a CD and in MP3, so that we can distribute it through commercial settings, such as Amazon, Sound Cloud, and local retail markets.  These will make excellent gifts, bring joy to those who cannot attend our concerts, and allow you to listen to your favorite settings at any time!  Your gift towards this project will make it possible for us to make this dream a reality in honor of Wendy’s 25th year.  Thank you for partnering with us!

Non-Monetary ways to Give

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