Sarah Quartel – Featured Composer

Sarah Quartel was born and raised in Great Britain in a family of musicians.  A typical day would feature mom singing arias in the kitchen while cooking dinner, and dad, a church choir director,  practicing his harpsichord in the basement.  Sarah recalls “I think I was eight years old before I realized that having a… Read more »

Susan LaBarr – Featured Composer

Susan LaBarr is a highly successful composer who, in her composing career of less than a decade, has completed commissions from all over the world. Having grown up with piano lessons and children’s choirs, she attended college as a piano major, and while she was successful, she soon realized that even though she loved music,… Read more »

Elaine Hagenberg – Featured Composer

Song of Miriam Elaine Hagenberg is an accomplished pianist and singer. After earning her degree in music, she began raising her family of four children and composing while at home. Within the last decade, she has become a household word among choral artists, and she composes for a wide range of skill levels. Canticle Singers will be performing… Read more »