The Canticle Singers

Directed by Wendy Wickham (1997-present), the Canticle Singers is a professional-level women’s chamber choir for women aged 16 and beyond.  Highlighting compositions and textual settings by women composers/poets, we perform music from medieval to modern so that each audience member can come away with a favorite moment.  The Canticle Singers ensemble performs regularly in winter and in spring.  Whether featured in concert series or in community outreach venues, we bring a high level of artistry and joy to our music-making.

Singers: Spring, 2023

  • Alicia Allen
  • Cécile Audette
  • Renée Audette
  • Katie Bass
  • Sheila Brown
  • Marci Chasnow
  • Kathy Fain
  • Gina Ferrara
  • Kathryn Goldberg
  • Ann Hankin

  • Serena Lao
  • Dara Lewis
  • Anne Lopez Stumpf
  • Sharon McKinley
  • Dancy Mills
  • Siobhan O’Boyle
  • Lori Ramser
  • Charlee Sterling
  • Maura Tull
  • Sherrye Walker

Board Members

  • Anne Lopez Stumpf, President
  • Emily Halligan, Vice President
  • Julia Boscov-Ellen,  Secretary
  • Sherrye Walker, Treasurer
  • Sheila Brown, Librarian
  • Wendy Wickham, Artist Director
  • Charlee Sterling, Member at Large
  • Douglas Buchanan
  • Stephen Holmes